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As a proactive equipment maintenance company, we believe it’s our role to help you prevent costly breakdowns happening in the future by regularly servicing all your important kitchen equipment so breakdowns don’t happen in the first place.

When commercial kitchens call us out to fix an immediate problem with an appliance, there is downtime costs, parts costs and labour costs. Hardworking commercial kitchen equipment generally has an average of 30 components that will require monitoring, maintenance or replacement. Breakdown repairs will often only address 2 or 3 items out of these 30 to get the appliance operational, which leaves all the other components at risk of failure and breakdown.

With commercial kitchens, you can either address the common at risk components BEFORE, through planned maintenance, or AFTER the problem has caused failure, downtime, costly parts and labour repair costs. Catek would like to transfer you from the reactive and more costly “repair and fix” approx to the frustration free, lower cost approach or “service and maintain”

A Catek Service and Maintenance Agreement is the best solution. In addition to saving money today, servicing will also ensure trouble free operations, better efficiency and lower cost of ownership and increase lifespan.

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